Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Fog surrounded us, today, on Georgian Bay.  But there was nothing foggy about the knitters at knit group.  Only bright, creative knitters and knitting.

Sharon, while working on her own pair of socks, admired Gail's. 
The sock admiration duo. 

Donna's daughter is expecting and Donna  has a pair of baby booties ready for the baby.  Ready after Donna sews them up that is. 

Baby knitting has been occupying Bonnie's time too.  Isn't this beautiful?
No new grand kids expected in her family, but, as with many knitters, Bonnie likes to knit baby things.  She's always ready for the next baby shower. 

Besides her baby knitting, Bonnie has been crocheting some of the brightest slippers ever! 

Three granny squares and a sole.  Such fun slippers.  The next pair are on the way and just as bright.

Who but a knitter would  allow me to take a picture of their chest?  And smile while I do it?  Knitters are fun people!  Nicki was wearing her fun, Frill-Seeker scarf while knitting an entrelac scarf from Noro sock yarn. 

 Both lovely, Nicki.

Wilma's project today was a sweater for her son-in-law.
A sweater with quite a  story behind it.  Started years before she retired, it's been around a long time  Round one saw a  yarn shortage, round two  a disappointing fit. Wilma can only hope that third time's the charm.

Has anyone been following Survivor?  Russell's gone!  Finally a tribe had the  '*&^%'   to vote him out.   He thinks they don't know how to play. Sorry, Russell, the winners  outwit - and that's what  they did.


Sandra said...

I was so happy to see Russell gone! He thought he was invincible, when actually, he's just annoying.
Love the variety of projects!

Nicki said...

I always like reading about knit group on Thursday. Yesterday was a fun day Thanks, Brenda for recording it for us.

Laurie said...

Wow, the knitters have kicked it up a notch this week - what amazing projects! I love the baby set (hope my next grandchild will be a girl!) and the entrelac scarf (I'm such a fool for entrelac...). Those slippers are the brightest thing I've seen - all you'd need to do to wake up in the morning is look at your feet! LOL!