Monday, March 21, 2011


For four months now, our front lawn has been covered in snow. Not an inch or two either.  For most of those winter months, there have been several feet of snow out front.

During March Break, we could see the snow start to disappear and Friday morning woke to see grass in places.  Not the entire yard, mind you, put in places.  A second look revealed vegetation.  I couldn't believe it!  Having not seen the sun for four months, how could these flowers be up within minutes of being free of the snow? 

But up they are.  I was awed.  What word could describe that?  Hope?  Faith?  Perseverance?  Resilience?    Strength?     Or simiply, SPRING!


LaurieM said...

It's desperation. They know they must grab their moment while it lasts.

Zieknits said...

I think "Spring" encompasses all those other descriptors! :)

Crocus...croci...crocuses...are so special. I wonder, would we notice and appreciate their simple beauty as much if they showed up in the middle of the narcissus, tulip and forsythia blitz?


Stephanie said...

I saw some like that on Saturday too - our snow has melted as well! Finally! How amazing! There's this thing called grass that was under there all this time! I'm so excited about this. :)

freshisle said...

We are so not there yet. How I wish! Today we had freezing rain. More slush.

Needles said...

Wee Snowdrops? sweet!