Monday, March 7, 2011

Changing My Mind

At the close of this  this January post, I mentioned  my intentions to knit a vest with my supply of Noro.  Not the vest I originally planned and pictured in the post,  but rather a  Rib Warmer Vest.  

The  vision of a Rib Warmer Vest  was surpassed by this one.  But once started, my happiness, with the project, went south.  Fast.    Between the 'hoky' pattern and my modifications changing a side-to-side sweater to a vest  I just wasn't 'feelin' it.  So --

Changing  mind yet again I decided  this would be perfect for the Noro.  This pattern  too was started and again I wasn't happy with what I was seeing. It might have had something to do with the fact that I was knitting in stockinet while  the pattern was knit in garter. Or that the yarn was disappearing at an alarmingly fast rate.  Whatever the reason, I decided to change my mind  once more.  This time, though I  went to the tried and true.  I searched my personal cache of vest patterns. 

There, in the file,  was a pattern I had made -  according to my notes -  in 2003.  Even at that time it was an old - read vintage- pattern.  A friend from the  Landon Libray Knitters Group, my knit group in London, had given the pattern to me.   Seeing it in my cache,   reminded me of how much I had loved that vest.  I remembered the perfect,  figure-flattering  fit.   Why look further?

Sure, it isn't knit vertically.  the styling is more classic than current and sometimes repeat knits don't live up to the remembered firsts.  But still, it kept calling me.  Rip.  Rip. 

Finally,  here is the beginning of a vest that makes me happy. 
The colours are gorgeous.  Horizontal, bur gorgeous.


Sandra said...

the stripes may be horizontal, but that cable draws the eye to the vertical, enhancing the colour changes. Very nice!

MamaMidwife said...

Tried and true is always good knitting! J love the color changes in that Noro. Looks better knitted up than in the skein. :)

Laurie said...

Perfect choice of yarn and pattern, as always! Which Noro is that and which colorway? Love it!