Friday, April 1, 2011

Can I Have Both?

Like a kid in a candy store who can't decide.  Should I have chocolate or butterscotch?  Ju Jubes or Gum Drops?    The solution light bulb comes on and with hopeful expectation, the question is posed.  "Can I have both?"

With my Noro Vest complete, it's on to my next project.  I can't decide whether to start Sally Melville's Centre Paneled Vest/Sweater
from her latest book Warm Knits, Cool Gifts.  Centre Paneled  is how I've decided to use this stash yarn.

With this ball of  co-ordinating  Twilley's  Freedon for the centre panel it should look great.

OR - should I start Peasy

with my door-prize bag of Zara. 

Hmmm.  I've had the green yarn since September 2009, the Zara since June 2010.  Should yarns be knit in chronilogical order?

Hmmm.  The centre paneled piece can be knit as either a vest or a sweater - the pattern includes both.  If I got as far as the vest and liked the result, I could stop. Can't do that with Peasy.

Hmmm.  Peasy in off white might still get some wear  before the real hot weather arrives.  Can't wear fuzzy,, warm, wooly, green yarn  in June.

Hmmm.  Peasy I love.  All aspects of it.  Centre Paneled I'm not sure about the back. It is rounded and hangs several inches lower than the front.  Supposedly - according to Sally -  quite chic.  My issue with that design is that I ski. I have seen those types of butt protectors on the chair lift.  The  semi circle of fabric that hangs lower than the front of the jacket to keep the butt protected from wet seats on the ride up the hill.  Although I did message   ckknits  on ravelry  who has knit the vest to question her opinion of the design and she gave it a thumbs up.
Perhaps knitting a weekend hat and letting the designs percolate will help.  Monday will be cast on day.


MamaMidwife said...

Peasy! Because: 1) It's something I want to knit and I'd love your opinion/take on it. 2) It's a more classic design. 3) I think it will look great on you!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I vote Peasy too! The rate you knit you'll be done with lots of time to wear it this spring!

Sandra said...

another vote for Peasy! But then I'm a big cardi fan, and I too want you ropinion on this pattern!

nicki said...

Just to add a little more confusion.... quite a few of the new tops coming into the store actually have the front coming down lower then the back:-)

Natural fibre girl said...

Go funky!! and try the Sally vest/sweater... It's your favourite colour combo...
Then knit Peasy...

Zieknits said...

Peasy is so you!

While CP is very cool, I think it could have a tendency to look sloppy, as a sweater, if knit with as much ease as...well, as it needs to look like itself. Did that make sense? It looks like it might take regular readjusting while wearing, as well. P'raps not something you want to do while skiing? As a vest, of course, this would be less of an issue. :)

Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll work out fine.

My $0.02!