Monday, April 25, 2011

Purple For Baby

Car travelling time scores again.  On the way to and from Sis' house for Easter dinner, I managed to finish  the very appropriately Easter coloured  purple baby sweater.  A purple that is  not  as royal a purple as Barney Dinosaur Purple.  More a 'Mom likes this colour'    purple.

Mom will   also like the fact that Magic Garden Buttons  yarn is a washable wool.  No hand washing for this baby.  Well, for the baby for sure, but not for the sweater.

This is Cabin Fever Pattern # 608, a top down sweater in six sizes from baby through kindergarten.  Since I was knitting this for display purposes at the store with no baby in mind and since I love quick projects,  I made the smallest,  one year size.  What a great, simple knit!  Rolled edges and no shaping in either body or sleeves.  At the sleeve cuff, stitches are decreased by one third before knitting another  inch or so  for the roll-up portion and finally casting off. 

Knit in Double Knitting weight yarn, it makes for a quick - and very cute baby knit.


Joansie said...

I like it A LOT!

Sharon said...

Lovely sweater, Brenda. I plan to make this for my 2 yr. old grandson who is quite skinny but has a rather big head. I'm trying to figure out what size to make for him - any suggestions since you've seen the head opening "in person"?

Deb said...

Very cute and the Magic Buttons wool is lovely with those flecks in it.

Laurie said...