Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Choice Was Made

Two projects diverged in a wool room here, 
And sorry I could not knit both at once
And be one knitter,
Long I stood and looked at centre paneled vest
Then chose the Peasy - just as fair.

With apologies to Robert Frost, my dilemma about which project to knit next reminded me of his poem, The Road Not Taken.

At the time of writing  Friday's post,  I was leaning towards Sally Melville's Centre Paneled Vest/Sweater. It would appear, though that  my tastes are not in sync with the  tastes of blog-land knitters.   Most commenters voted  in favour of Peasy.

Easily swayed and showing no resistance,  Monday, I cast on for Peasy.  After an inch of knitting, I realized I had the wrong size needle.    Oops.  A re-start with the correct needle size and  Tuesday evening, here I am.

The knitting, at this stage, is motivating, making Peasy seem like a quick knit.  Adding interest is the lace at the beginning of each row.  Once that's finished, there are just miles and miles of stockinet. Perhaps not so quick at that point.
Most of the  461 projects on ravelry claim this to be an easy pattern but there are a couple that speak of difficulty through the lace work.  Forewarned is forearmed.  I wrote  lace pattern  notes out in detail and - so far, so good.

Peasy is knit top down and I'm looking forward to that  'fit as you knit' process.  The yarn is lovely, the pattern lovely and so far, I'm glad I chose the path I did - that seems to have made all the difference.


Sel and Poivre said...

What a satisfying post - poetry and Peasy (my pick too!)

Sandra said...

Peasy was my pick, too! And now I have to get the pattern - the Zara yarn is knitting up so beautifully, I feel the need for a lace front paneled cardigan...

Laurie said...

I would have picked Peasy, too. I love that first little lace panel. And Robert Frost...always love Robert Frost.

Needles said...

Robert Frost is one of my favourite writers. Perfectfor a spring day. Perfect for Peasy.

LynS said...

I'm another who's delighted by a post that combines knitting and Robert Frost (even with apologies to...)

The Peasy is very tempting. I shall watch yours with interest.

Zieknits said...

Yay, for Peasy! That lacey bit is gorgeous. Very you. Classic, but with an updated, fresh twist. Feminine but not fussy. Tailored, but not uptight. :)

Can you knit something like Peasy at Thursdays are For Knit Group? I need something plain for group knitting...and I don't seem to knit that many plain things, anymore!

LOVE the new blog format!

Sharon said...

love your new look...fresh as spring