Friday, April 8, 2011

Back Where I Started From

Obviously, I'm not a multi tasker.  I cannot talk, take pictures  and knit at the same time. 

Yesterday, getting ready for knit group, I wondered if I should take Peasy.  With it's lace pattern, a fleeting thought passed through my brain suggesting that perhaps, it was not something I could knit while chatting and taking pictures.  But listening to my knitterly denial, I reassured myself that I had that lace pattern under control.

And really I did.  As far as the stitches went, at least.  What I forgot was that I was at the point in the pattern where I was supposed to stop knitting three lace repeats, and knit only two.  By the time I got home, I had one full  round of triple lace repeats on my sweater.

I did, for a moment, consider leaving them.  But luckily, the thought  occurred to me that the lower on the  front those three repeats came  the closer the lace pattern  would come to ending at the highest point on my chest.  Perhaps something the designer had already figured out.   (Quiet, you nay-sayers.  There IS so a high point on my chest.)

So - last evening's knitting time began with ripping back the knitting I had accomplished in the afternoon.  That went better than expected.  Until, that is,  an hour later when I stopped to look at what I was doing.  The lace pattern was w-a-y off. 

So - last evenings knitting time ended with ripping back the knitting I had accomplished earlier in the evening.  There are no pictures in today's post.  it's just dismal a scene to photograph.  


Joansie said...

Don't you just hate when that happens! Two steps forward, one step back.

I really like the new look on your blog!

Valérie said...

Oh, how tragic to lose a day's worth of knitting! And unraveling lace, all of that tinkering, ugh. Hugs to you!

Laurie said...

I feel your pain. That's why I always have a really mindless project on hand to take to knitting group. When the chatter starts, I'm liable to knit just about anything wrong. :-)