Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Knitters' Style

Rarely  do I get out of bed at 4:30 am, but with a Royal Wedding to watch and 13 knitters arriving to watch it with me, the coffee did need to be made.

What better way to watch the Royal Wedding than with knitters.  There was Champagne & orange juice, coffee, scones, muffins, fruit, homemade jams, quiches and goodies galore.  A spectacular, traditional wedding, with good food, a little alcohol and knitters.  Showing our age, to a one, we stood at attention when God Save The Queen was played. 

At 4:55 am the room looked like this. 

After 5, like this.

They were told to wear their PJs and to bring their knitting.  That's what they did.

Such a  good time.  Such a beautiful wedding.  Such a great start to our day.


EL said...

What a wonderful idea but you guys are crazy. Are you going back to bed now??????

Joansie said...

I absolutely love the spirit! If I lived nearby, I would have joined you.

I was up at 4:00 to watch the ceremony because by watching it "live", it almost (almost) feels real.

Such a beautiful wedding. I actually got teary thinking about Diana not being there and what this would have meant to her.

This royal marriage appears like it will be a lasting one!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

LOVE the hats!

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

What a great idea! Glad you had so much fun with it.

Nicki said...

It was a terrific time. Thanks Brenda for opening up your home sooo early in the morning!

freshisle said...

Too fun.