Friday, October 9, 2009


Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. The big dinner is at our house and this year on Monday.
I love hosting family events and am thankful that I have the health and wealth to do it.

As for knitting - I'm always thankful that I learned to knit. Thankful that I have lots of knitting friends and especially thankful that I am blessed with a boring husband. One content to spend evenings at home - which gives me lots of time to knit. One content to spend time alone - which frees me up to knit. One who didn't object when the basement workshop was moved outdoors to the shed and the in-house space turned into a yarn room. One who answers the phone or the door when I'm in the middle of a row. One who prefers driving to being a passenger - which frees me up to knit.

And I'm thankful for finished objects to show.

The modeled shot of the lacey sweater born out of the frogged Hey Teach!

And 'The Boy Hat'
made with Peruvian Highland Wool from my fall Elann sample pack.
A bit on the small side I think but into the Thanksgiving give-away box it goes. It will fit some family member.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Meaford knitting group, Brenda!


LaurieM said...

Happy Thanksgiving Brenda. I'm happy to be thankful for a very similar husband. Lucky us!

freshisle said...

Sounds truly wonderful.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Christy J said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm also thankful for my knitting blogging buddies.