Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Wow! Fall weather sure spurs on the knitters.

Sandy B - off to Florida for the winter in just a few days - has finished two cute little baby outfits. The last chance to spoil them until spring, eh Sandy?

The little girl gets this darling little cross over sweater tied with a polka dot ribbon.

While this hoodie, knit with self striping yarn, is perfect for the little boy.

Doreen has started her marathon of bazaar knitting. Two scarfs and a hat this week.

Bonnie looks great in another of Gail's, three- stranded hats. Nice of Gail to knit one to match your outfit, Bonnie.
It was a proud day for Bonnie. She has been knitting for ?? 'forever' she says and this sweater is the first !!!!! item she has ever knit for herself. Let's hope it's the start of a whole new knitting experience for you, Bonnie.
"It fits! It fits." she kept saying.

Gail looks quite pleased with her scarf and hat.
She's doing some 'easy peasy scarves' for gift giving.

Wilma wore her Eyelet Cardi today. It looks great and fits nicely. You make a great ad for Chic Knits patterns wearing that, Wilma.

Now off to watch Survivor. It always amazes me that the players I would vote off first, seem to hang around so long. Let's see what happens to Mr Oil Company Exec tonight.

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