Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Another newcomer came to knit group today. Mona.
It's wonderful that new-to-us knitters find our group and come to spend Thursday afternoons with us. Mona said she is computer 'illiterate' so she won't likely be reading this. But we hope you and Lois feel at home with us. It's a great group of knitters who know how to have lots of fun with fibre.

It appears that a pucker is as close as Doreen gets to a smile. Here she shows off her FIRST-EVER successful Pom Pom.

Meant to go on the top of this little hat.

Bonnie and I both purchased Shirl the Purl's Mittlet pattern a couple of weeks ago.
Cool weather has it's pluses.

Nell dressed two more dolls this week. She told us that last year, her Church group donated 350 dolls dressed in hand knit clothing to her favourite mission in Toronto.

Sharon looks so pensive here. She finally remembered to bring in her Knitters Fair haul. Maybe the pensive look is remembering the money she spent.

And she is well underway with one of her 'fair' projects. A kit she purchased from Americo.
One of those convoluted wraps/vests/sweaters that look so stylish.

And Sharon was busy this week making a little something for my Thanksgiving give-away box. Her way of thanking me for the Alpaca Mittlets I gave her last week. Look at this perfect-for-teenagers headband.
Three colours of yarn, each knit into a long strip then braided to make the headband. Cool, eh?

And Sssh. Don't tell the copyright police. Gail copied her "It-takes-three!! strands-of-yarn hat' pattern and gave me a copy. I don't expect to knit a ball a day, but it's a stash buster for sure.
Thanks, Gail.

Now off to see if the Survivor crew will finally see through Mr. Nasty.


Vera said...

I finally added your Blog to mine and now I can see at once when you add something. I really enjoy reading all about your yarn adventures.

Sel and Poivre said...

Ah now that your knit group is up and running and Survivor has restarted it just feels like all is well in the world of knitting after that (sort of) summerish break!