Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Look What's Happening

Look what's happening in our back yard.
Soon we will see the Church again. The changing leaves fascinate me while I knit.

No less fascinating is the product of my knitting this week. Gail's Three Stranded Hat. Appearing here as a pointed cap - but it rounds out nicely when worn.
Gail is the knitter from knit group determined to knit up a ball of yarn a day until next year's Knitters Fair. Luckily she came across an old Patons pattern for an ear-flap hat using three strands of worsted weight yarn. A stash denter for sure. I might make a few more of these.

Not that I think it's particularly flattering on me,
but it will be good for my winter, hat-give-away box. Visiting skiers always need want a new hat or two.


Zieknits said...

Oooh, thanks for the hint about Gail's three-strand hat. I'm off to search 'vintage' Patons.

Oh, and you are WAAAYY x infinity cuter than this photo indicates, Brenda.

Vera said...

How about a hat like the green one but with a sort of collar attached that will keep neck and shoulders warm?? I would be really interested in one.