Friday, October 2, 2009

What's Happening To Me?

Driving to work, Wednesday morning, the scales fell off. I realized that I had experienced a 'first'.

Not the kind of first that opens doors to new adventures which will enrich one's life. Rather the kind of first like when the optometrist says - " It's nothing more then the normal signs of ageing, but you need glasses."

Or when you realize that 'the girls' no longer pucker when hit by a blast of cold air. Or maybe they still do, but they now hang so low that with the bad eyesight, you can't see them.

Or like the first time you hold out your arm to point towards something in the distance and realize that though you might be standing stock still, the jiggling flab on the underside of your upper arm has a life of it's own.

Wednesday morning was that kind of morning for me. Before leaving for work, I posted about the sad demise of the warm summer weather and the dismal onslaught of the winds and rains of fall.

Me!! I did that! Me, the queen of all things knitterly. Me who loves to wear sweaters and loves even more to knit them. Me! I complained about the coming of fall.

I can't believe I did that. What's happening to me? Hopefully it will pass.


Kim/Curlie Girl said...

Oh, you are too much! I'm sure it will!

Sel and Poivre said...

I predict a massive trend among Ontarians young and old this fall and winter to lament the absence of warmth (whatever wooliness this allows) because we haven't had any real heat to speak of since the summer of 2007!