Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have You Seen?

Have you seen the latest Knitting Daily?

I love that gold wrap. Especially worn as a shawl. I'm less enthralled with it worn buttoned around the back and in some of the other awkward positions. But as a wrap, it's lovely. Of course, autumn colours again. I'm such a sucker for autumn colours.

Sally Melville once suggested that when you swoon over an image and immediately run to the yarn store and reach for the needles, you should stop for a moment. Photo copy the image. Look at it in black and white.

Sally's suggestion was to ask if the garment still appeals. She says the knitter needs to know if it is the style, fit and construction that appeals, or is it the colour. Very good suggestion.

Should I ever follow it, my life might contain less frogging, more wearing.


Vera said...

I had to look up what frogging means. I hardly ever do that. I get so disgusted I throw the stuff out! I can knit nicely but most things don't fit. That's why I stick with socks. LOL

Sel and Poivre said...

My trick is to put a post it note over the model's face - especially in Vogue Knitting the models' expressions often put me right off considering an otherwise wonderful knit. Just the opposite holds true for me with Debbie Bliss baby patterns. I love every one until the old post it note system reveals that maybe I think every baby is cute rather than every knit worth knitting!