Monday, October 5, 2009

Ravelry Rocks

Thursday at knit group, I was, as usual, starting my time there by taking pictures -seeing what the knitters had been creating through the week. I looked up to see a new lady come through the door. She was looking straight at me with a big smile on her face.
The kind of smile that says - "Hi, old friend. Surprised to see me?"

Because of that look on her face, I asked
"Sorry my memory is poor. Do I know you?"

With the hub bub in the room, she didn't hear.

But across the room she came to me. Still with that big smile on her face. I then asked
"Have we met?"

"Only through your blog." she said, "I'm zieknits. (ravelry link) Elizabeth."


Zieknits comments on my blog postings occasionally. She had introduced herself to me, cyberly speaking, a while back, through ravelry and the Grey Bruce Group.

Zieknits and her hubby are Canadian, but have been living state side for 30 years. About to retire, they are planning on returning to Canada and have pretty well decided that they want to live in the Grey Bruce area. The perfect reason to take a real estate reconnaissance vacation.

Being a blog reader, she knew that Thursdays Are For Knit Group and that the library flooded during our recent tornado, and that we are now meeting in the back room at the LYS and so - in she walked!!!

Here we asked her to pick up her hair so we could get a good view of her lovely shawl.

And here, she shows her next shawl with beads.

Such a great day. All due to the internet. Ravelry to be specific.

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Very Cool!