Monday, October 26, 2009

Toronto Fun

My Toronto weekend was such fun. All except the Friday weather. It was raining ridiculously hard and the wind was gusting, according to the weatherman, up to 50 K an hour. 50 K was vastly underestimated, according to my battered umbrella and wind-swept appearance .

But the weather couldn't dampen my spirits. I met up with Sel & Poivre at Romni Wools. We had a great time. We yarn shopped for a long, long time. According to S&P - way longer than her normal, solo- yarn- shopping, tolerance level.

I managed to grab a lovely ball of green tape yarn.
I've been thinking scarves lately and this will make a super addition to some green stash yarns for a multi-yarn, monochromatic, green scarf. A great accent on the new winter coat that came home from Toronto with me.

And, at long last, I have the wool for my Must Have Cardi.
How long has that been in my queue? Well, how long has the pattern been out? But as S&P said. 'queues are fluid." So true. S&P picked this one out for me. She knows me well. Not really. But apparently, I am quite transparent. Friday was the first time I had met S&P but still she picked the perfect yarn.

I left S&P at the subway. S&P heading for home while I headed off to meet arachknit. She had been patiently saving this Sally Melville book for me.
It is the only book of Sally's that I didn't own. This copy is in excellent condition and I feel lucky to finally own it. Already I have decided that this will be my first knit from the book.
The light coloured version of Annalee's Jacket. Tweed stitch and cables. A beauty and a classic, now in my fluid queue.

The rest of the weekend was spent with family. Shopping, eating. Pubbing, eating. Live music, eating. Did I mention eating? Gosh we had some good food.

Fun all around for this knitter.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great week-end! I love the idea that queue's are fluid!

freshisle said...

Next to my own yarns, Galway is my favourite yarn ever! It will be great!