Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

We had triplets at knit group today. Triplet scarves that is. Doreen, Joanne and Nell all wearing their Diagonal Scarves.

Ingrid is showing off a scarf that Doreen knit.
It is a drop stitch pattern. Wrap the yarn around the needle twice instead of the normal once, and on the next row, knit one wrap-around, let the other drop. It elongates the stitch.

Sandra wants the world to know that despite what I say about her, she does finish something. Here is her lovely, loooong scarf.

Joanne is our master mitten knitter. Her mitts are always wonderful She uses Lopi and just bits of colour. Keeping with the theme of 'threes' today, here is a trio of her mitts.
And a close up of the colour work. I love them.

You might remember 'Lois of the beautific smile' who joined the group a few weeks ago. Five weeks ago, she tells me. Today she said that in those five weeks, she has knit exactly this.
If the smile is indicative, lack of production doesn't seem to bother her.

And of course when knitting with friends, there is always time for frivolity.
And look, world! Doreen is smiling!!!!! Hope your daughter in England is reading this, Doreen.

Now off to watch Survivor. Last week, illness took out a player, not tribal council. Tonight, I wonder is Mr. Oil Company Exec will continue to convince his tribe to do his bidding. Wake Up People!!!


EL said...

Love the mitts. Everyone has been busy. Nice to see Doreen's smile.

LaurieM said...

Mr. Oil Exec is a misogynist, conniving, two-faced and probably not as smart as he thinks he is, BUT I admire him none-the-less. He's cheerful in the face of adversity, works hard, knows when to shut up and when to roll with the group.

He's growing on me.