Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boring Blogging

Some time ago,  I read a blog that chastised other bloggers for their boring posts.  Something was said like - "All we ever see are progress shots of their half-finished socks."

Indeed!  We're knitters.  Duh!

Thumbing my nose at such criticism, while taking a chance that you might indeed feel that way, today, I show you a  progress shot of my  Creative Top-Down. 

Almost at the waist now,  I started decreasing about two inches after the 'great divide' of sleeves from body.  So far, I have decreased away 16 stitches - eight per side.  At my gauge of 20 stitches over four inches,  - well, you can do the math - there are about three fewer inches.   Considering my non-movie-star and no-longer-young figure, three inches isn't far off the diffference between my waist and bust measurements.  Time to knit straight for a while.  

Starting just below the waist and continuing to the  bottom of the sweater, I intend to knit  in a patch of  triangular-shaped contrast yarn.  This will help to widen the sweater for my hips and add a bit of zing.  Will one triangle be enough for all those decreases?  I am thinking no.  I imagine there will have to be some increases in addition to my little triangle.  Maybe the triangle on one side of the sweater and normal increases on the other side?  I shall play with it and see. 

My CTD is proof postivie that  boring can be fun.  I.M.H.O.


Joansie said...

My attitude is if they think it's boring....then don't read it. They are just ungrateful for the time and effort put into blogging.

Personally, I like progress reports and it definitely shows that the item is the blogger's knitting.

I've had pictures of my finished projects stolen on Ravelry, claimed as their own for a contest they were in. Trust me, I contacted that individual pronto who admitted to it and removed it. I was not nice about it. Someone said, "Oh, she must have knitted something just like yours", however, the item was laying on my couch and it was my background!

Needles said...

What a silly thing to feel about someone else's blog and someone else's life. Whoever said bloggers were blogging for others?

I love half finished project pictures and half finished balls of yarn. There is so much potential in them. They live and breathe the thing they might yet be. How could the possibility of it ever be boring?

Your sweater is looking great, by the by. I'm looking forward to seeing the colour sections!

Deb said...

The fun is in the progress so that's the blogworthy stuff. I love the idea of triangles. That will be really fun.

Stephanie said...

I don't know where I would be without boring blog progress!

Yarn and Ivories said...

Well, meet the Queen of Boring! Here I am!
Process is learning.