Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

For 'show & tell' today, I took my two pairs of felted slippers to knit group.   Ingrid said her significant other needed slippers - who  needs more motivation that a statement like that - so one pair found a new home.    Here Ingrid shows them off as earrings.
She wanted to show them off by hanging them on other body parts, but I reminded her that this is a family blog.  You'd be  great fun at a party, Ingrid.
Sharon treated us to a yarn give-away - a bag of cotton yarn she no longer needed.   It was good to see Ruth out today and I am sure she was glad she came. Take a look at her firm grip on that green variegated Paton's Grace from Sharon's stash. 

I snatched some pink, while Sheila was happy with the red.

Sharon had knit a baby hat
 - with silk and merino, no less -  for the latest little family member.  It is s-o-o small.
 Here it covers a coffee cup.

Nell knit a baby hat too.    Hers in pink, is just as small as Sharon's. 

Nell also showed us  a 'lazy knitter's' scarf.
 Having never heard that term before, I asked Nell to explain.
 "The dropped stitch rows   lengthen  the scarf faster than normal knitting", said Nell.  Hence the name -   Lazy Knitter's Scarf.  With the self-proclaimed  title of world's laziest knitter, I'm surprised I haven't knit a few of those myself.  

All this knitting, and thanks to Nicki,  Banana Muffins too. I bet that Florida crowd misses us.

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Sel and Poivre said...

I can`t imagine why anyone would even go to Florida and leave a knit group like yours behind!