Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Sometimes a knitter needs a sense of fashion and sometimes, like today, simply a sense of fun.  Ingrid brought three knitted hats with her today.   Although you would not be mistaken if you thought this piece was a bag, because folded this way, it is.

Folded the 'other' way, it is a hat.  Who but Ingrid would be able to create such a  piece?

Then she showed us a felted hat - two shades of Lilac.  Very dashing wouldn't you say?

Hat number three is also felted - one shade of Lilac only.

But most fun is wearing one inside the other, Dr Suess style.   

Back on the fashion side of the coin, we saw Ingrid's delicate scarf.  She knit it to match a recently-purchased, Linen skirt.  Can't wait for the weather to warm up, Ingrid so we can see the outfit.

 Nell, hiding behind her work here,  has a brightly coloured afghan almost finished. 

So heavy, she says, it hurts her shoulder.

Ruth, who almost didn't come today, was sure glad she did.  Two ladies, members of the local quilting group,  appeared at the door.  Standing beside Ruth they said
" You mentioned that you would like a lap quilt, so we made you one." 
With that they placed a beautiful quilt in her lap, said  "Enjoy"  then left.    

Speechless for a nano-second, the entire room was quiet.  Then everyone at once exclaiming over the beauty of the quilt and the beauty of the gesture.

Lastly, we have the 'face-less' modelling of Citron.  Made with sock yarn and declared by it's owner to be a 'useless' piece.  Ingrid and I thought  not.  What if we try it this way...

or this way...

or this way...

or - hey it's you, Nicki - this way.
The word is versatile, not useless.  And lovely on your blank, black canvas.

Wool is warm.  Wool is fun.  Wool is versatile.  Or is that knitters?  Or both?


Needles said...

For many months, your knitting group has been my other knitting peeps. Thanks you so much for sharing with us to everyone!

Sigrun said...

Looks like a fun group. Love the felted hats.