Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inching Along

Once one stops  ripping, one does  move forward.  My Creative Top Down is headed for the shoulders.  But at the pace I'm going, it is inching, rather than  racing, there.

Being top down, what you see here is
the cast on plus one knit row in the  contrast colour followed by three rows of knit one, purl one ribbing then the sweater itself.  Creative, or what? 

Down the centre front you will notice a four stitch panel   containing copius quantities of creativity.
Some reverse stockinet, some stockinet and some stockinet  in the contrast colour.  Creative, or what?

As well as not moving very quickly, it is also not very creative.  Instead,  it is a blatant copy of a sweater I  saw on ravelry.  Sweater r r r .  Oh - I changed colours.

But for a top-down stockinet sweater,  it is interesting to knit  as there is always something going on.  I hope to reach the 'great divide' soon, then it will be on to creative waist shaping.      If you doubt that waist shaping can be creative, you haven't seen my waist.  Stay tuned.


LynS said...

I'm so impressed by your perseverance with this project. All that ripping out and re-knitting! I just can't imagine practicing such perfectionism. Good luck with it.

Needles said...

Is copying your copy allowed? What a fantastic sweater!

Cabin Fever said...

Creative creating. I love it.