Monday, February 13, 2012

Nineteen Over Two

Feeling the need for speed, this weekend, I set aside my creative top-down and knit a pair of slippers.  Quick and easy and done in two days.

Always on the look-out for the newest in slipper patterns, I had started a pair of Bulky Yarn Booties but they did not work out.  The top was so small that my foot wouldn't go into them.  Rip.  (There's a lot of that going around here  these days.)   Back to my favourite slipper pattern -  19 Row Duffers.   Two days and 38 rows later, a pair of felted slippers.

The yarn used  and held double throughout,  was wool I snatched from Gloria's great yarn give-away.  A variegated brown wool, made in China! Sold at Wal Mart.  Who knew?  Since I  have two balls more,  I think another pair of slippers might happen soon.  This time I might try the  
Non Felted Slippers     knitting them on larger needles and  felting them.  

With two exceptions, the Non Felted Slippers  are identical to the  19 Row Duffers.  The Non-Felted Slippers pattern is free while there is a small charge for the 19 Row Duffers pattern.  The Non Felted slippers  cover more of the instep, which might be more cozy.  Oh - and a  third exception is that they have 42 rows.    Can I handle that?  '84 over 2'  does sound more impressive than '19 over 2'.  If it happens that is.

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