Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Knitting, Weekend Fun

Over the last few years, Ontarians have been given the gift of a mid-February, long weekend.  I retired too soon.  Designated as Family Day, today is a holiday. 

In keeping with that idea, Fred and I  invited  my two  sisters and their husbands for the weekend.  To great eye-rolling  on the part of the guys, we 'girls' started   each morning  with our coffee in the hot tub.
 My felted hats were a great way to keep the head warm and dry. 

Starting the day like that, you can imagine how the rest of the day might go.  Lots of  fun,  lots of laughter,  little knitting.   I did manage, though,  to finish another pair of slippers.   Non-Felted Slippers ( a free ravelry pattern by Yuko Nakamura)  that I decided to knit with chunky yarn doubled - the same  made-in-China wool from Wal Mart that I used for the Duffers -  and  an 8mm needle so I could felt them.

This pattern is similar to the 19 Row Felted Duffers but with a higher instep.  Remembering my issue with a too-small, foot opening on a previous pair of 'ripped' slippers, I added an extra stitch for every four stitches all around the slipper top, as I cast off.

 Knitted, felted and now drying, they will go either  in the slipper box for visitors to wear or into the give-away box.  Unless my feet get them first. 

Another fun, quick, weekend knit.

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odonnajean said...

Hello! I love your slippers. I have made them a few times and it is a great pattern.