Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

It is hard to determine if the eight knitters who were out to knit group today are the fortunates or the unfortunates.  We have knitters in Florida,  Texas,  Toronto and even Beeton.  Those of us without winter get-away homes or plans come to knit group.   No  southern climate or  sunshine, no bright city lights.  Just  bright and cheerful yarn, great knitting companions and  lots of laughs. 

Ruth is looking for an 'easy' baby sweater pattern that is knit bottom up. (Top down confuses her, she says)  Any suggestions to pass along?   To put in time until she comes across that 'easy' pattern, shehas started to knit the  booties. 

Do you remember the beautiful lap quilt  (scroll down)  the ladies presented her with last week?  I asked her if  she puts  it on her lap while she knits.  "Under me," she said.    "That way I won't lose my needles down between the cushions.  I'm tired of moving that chesterfield to find my needles."    Ruth is tiny and elderly and I cannot imagine her moving a chesterfield.  Apparently,  there is no stopping a knitter who has lost her needles.

Pat is still knitting toys.  This cute little Valentine doll was on her needles today.

Sharon has a hat for hubby on her needles.  The leftover yarn from some felted clogs and her favourite hat pattern from the Need A Hat? book.

Bonnie started the multi-coloured bands of this baby sweater at knit group  today.  Lots of ends to weave in but a very cute sweater, Bonnie.

Gail is a lucky knitter.  She has a friend that loves and is appreciative of the hand knit socks Gail makes for her.  This is pair number two.  Now those colours will brighten a winter's day, Gail.

And Gail is not the only knitter on sock duty this week.  Wilma is knitting socks at the request of her Chiropractor.  He wants them for his patients to wear during treatments.  Only natural fibres and natural colours. No synthetics, no dyes.     This is pair number two she has knit for him.  I hope he doesn't have a big patient load, Wilma or you might never get any personal knitting done.

It might not be the sunny south or the big city, but fun happens wherever knitters gather.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of yarny goodness.

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freshisle said...

Love those dolls! Wish I had the patience.