Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

There is no better way to spend a Thursday afternoon - or any afternoon for that matter - than knitting with other knitters.  Especially if those knitters are  the Meaford knitters.  Sadly, this is my last Thursday with them until I return from Hearst in late August.  Many of my readers tell me they feel as if they know this group of knitters from reading my Thursday posts.  So,  if you happen to be  travelling through Meaford on a Thursday afternoon this summer, stop into the library.  The knitters are upstairs.  Tell them Brenda sent you.  They will make you welcome.

Today, Ingrid showed me two of her latest completed creations. 

 The lovely  -and not surprisingly -  Lilac coat.  If that wasn't enough, there was also this soft blue vest. 

These are fine, small gauge yarns.  I could only imagine the number of stitches in each one of these garments.   I could say that Ingrid does nothing but knit, but that isn't so.  For one, she also spins.

New Nan finished her lovely baby sweater. 
Nan, like Ingrid, is a Koigu fan and that's what she used for this baby sweater.  Nothing too good for that first grand child.

Her next project is a blanket with her leftovers. 
Shaped like - Bow Ties - or is it Dog Bones -  Nan intends to knit enough to make a blanket then sew them all together.  She did suggest that perhaps we might all want to get in on the sewing.  Funny, Nan!

Donna crocheted this delightful, cupcake purse. 
It's one of those things that caused the room full of knitters to  exclaim in one voice " Ahhhh. "

Ruth brought in her embroidered 'Owl' piece for show and tell.  

I'm impressed, Ruth. That is way to painstaking for me.

Sharon has a good start on a top-down baby sweater from the Baby 'V' book.
Done in Super 10 Egyptian Cotton it will make a great all-season topper.

Sandy B loves those mitred squares.

This will be a pillow for her new Florida Condo.  Great beach colours, Sandy. 

Thursday afternoons will see me knitting, too.  Maybe in the boat while Fred fishes.  Maybe on the dock while the Grand Kids swim.  And I'll be back to the group in mid August.

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