Monday, June 6, 2011

A Surprise No Longer

My first Baby Surprise Jacket in years is finished.  A surprise no longer.  I now know where those stripes are going to land.  Future jackets won't catch me by surprise, as I made notes  regarding stripe placement.  Just so you know, striping while still doing the  beginning decrease rows causes the stripes to go around  the sleeves.  Striping while doing the increase rows, as I did,
 creates  vertical stripes up the fronts but a horizontal stripe across the back.  

The knitting is nothing to be proud of.  Garter stitch,  the ultimate  easy knit, according to most 'how-to' books,  always defeats my attempts at consistency and neatness.   Since I promised this jacket to
'New Nan'  from knit group -she  just learned that in a few months,  she will be  a   first-time Grandma   - I can only hope that the little one and 'Mom' won't mind my floppy stitches.  Or that Grandma Nan, expert knitter that she is, won't examine the stitches too closely.

The collar is simply five rows of reverse stockinet stitch which rolls quite nicely to give a decorative touch  and in this case, tie in the contrast colour.

The observant of those among you have probably noticed that the buttons are not yet sewn on.

Button selection takes time at my house, due to this.
Perhaps sorting according to colour would help.  That sounds like a great Grand Kid summer project!

Now on to finish up  my Contiguous homework, because once that's done,  I can start my 'first' summer project.  Still a surprise, even to me, as I haven't decided what will be the first project of Summer 2011.
AmigaFeatherweight or Olga Leja's Afternoon Breeze Vest?


Nicki said...

Nice colours Brenda.

Joansie said...

Really sweet! I think on the Ravelry BSJ Group, there are pictures with row #'s so you know exactly where the stripes will fall.

Sandra said...

lovely sweater! I love the stripe placement exactly where it is. And garter is supposed to be rustic looking, in my opinion, and yours is perfect.

As soon as I finish my current cardigan, it's a Featherweight for me!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I really like how that white stripe crosses at the back!

LynS said...

I love the way that BSJs always live up to their name - they're always surprising. This one is such a great sunny colour.

Zieknits said...

So cute! Is the BSJ washed and 'sorta-blocked' (it's a technical term) yet? I find that really helps even out the garter st.

If we're voting, I vote Amiga. It's very similar to Featherweight, except has a few buttons so you won't have to hold it closed, as the model is doing in the cleverly-posed F'wt photo. ;) Just sayin'...

Oh, and fwiw, the Afternoon Breeze'S' link doesn't work for me.