Monday, June 20, 2011

Sandwiched In

I am a member of the sandwich generation.  Never more evident than on  'special' weekends.  Like this one just past - Fathers' Day. 

Friday saw me in Stratford meeting up with my two sisters

and Dorothy
to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  What a tremendous performance!  The artistic direction was beyond spectacular.  Too busy with toddlers and mortgage payments when the production  was popular in the seventies, this was the first time I had seen the show.  I  was stunned by the creativity of it.  Imagine combining the Passion Play and rock music and you begin to get the idea.

After the show I headed 'home' with the rest of the crew to celebrate with my Dad. 
Fathers' Day a bit early,  and his 91st birthday all rolled into one.  It was a great time.

 The next day - the other  half of the sandwich - I hurried home.   Number Two son, Peter, was arriving at our place to celebrate Fathers' Day with Fred. 

All of this sandwiching meant no knitting time for Brenda, this weekend.  I did manage to 'repair' a couple of things.  Some holey thrummed mitts for a neighbour,
and a Merino wool sweater for a friend.  

No knitting is not a good thing.  But being sandwiched by two loving generations of family makes up for it.  It was a wonderful weekend.


Sandra said...

I don't mind missing knitting time if it's being used up by other enjoyable activities. You spent the time wisely!

LaurieM said...

I can see the family resemblance in your sisters.