Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Between Assignments

Since I'm caught up on my homework assignments for Susie M's Contiguous Sampler, I returned to  my Baby Surprise Jacket

I started this BSJ a while back to keep pace with a store customer knitting her first.  Sidetracked with Peasy  and a poor yarn choice, I am only now back at mine while the customer has long finished hers.  This time, the chosen yarn is  Cascade Superwash in bright yellow. 
A white stripe - can anyone tell, at this point in the sweater,  where in heck that stripe might fall -   and plans for a white I-Cord trim.

Instead of the double decreases I put the marker between two stitches, and did a left-slanting decrease before the marker and a right-slanting decrease after the marker.
To my way of thinking, it's easier to accomplish and to my eyes, easier to see where I'm at.  Elizabeth won't mind.
 Susie M has said the next assignment will come on Friday.  In the meantime I'm busy with the BSJ.

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Sel and Poivre said...

What a beautiful sunny colour combination!