Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Long Can It Take?

Sharon finished her Featherweight in  record time.  Mine is taking s-o-o-o long.  How long can it take to knit nine inches?  Nine inches is the length the pattern suggests from the armhole down to the  beginning of the ribbing.  Since that would create an 18 inch sweater and my back-neck-to-waist length is 16 1/4 I've decided that a longer sweater would be better.  Ten inches is the goal, I've set for myself before beginning the ribbing.  And here I am. 
One inch still to go.  It's a 'forever' project chez moi.  I did  question Sharon about her speed and she admitted to knitting 'pretty steadily' on it.  Me, I'm trying to fit in canning, hiking, working, various and sundry other commitments as well as Featherweight.  If I intend to wear it much this season at all, I need to dedicate more time.

And, on the 'will I run out of yarn' front, here is what is left of the first skein.   So little it doesn't register.
I started with two skeins.  Skein number two needs to knit two inches of bottom ribbing, two sleeves and three and a half inches of ribbing for the front bands.   I still think I will need luck.

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Stephanie said...

Good luck! But I think with a sweater in fingering weight yarn, as much progress as you have already is really impressive.