Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Contagious Contiguous

This little Contiguous sweater has me in it's power.

What a great new way to knit a top-down sweater.

I like raglan sleeves and wear them well but still it is nice to have a choice -    Contiguous gives a set-in sleeve  - and still be able to knit top down.  Plus, what a great boost for those that dislike or can't wear raglan sleeves.  Contiguous is the way to go.

The cast on starts at the neck edge.  Stitches are set apart with markers and these denote the shoulder 'seam'.
Susie M suggests one or two stitches.  She also suggests that Contiguous works wonderfully well with saddle shoulders - and indeed I can see it would.

 Once the shoulder seam stitch(es) are marked off,  back and forth rows are worked with increases on each side of the markers.  That creates the fabric that marches towards the shoulder.  And according to Susie M creates a nicely sloped shoulder to boot.  That I haven't verified with an adult sized sweater, but look at my little, doll-sized sample above.  There seems to be a slope even on it's tiny frame.
Once the shoulder edge is reached, the markers are moved setting aside a few top-of-the-shoulder stitches. 
Increases are made on the body side of those stitches until the sleeve cap has been achieved. I tell you people, this ranks right up there with my first heel turn for knitting miracles.

In my earlier post about Contiguous, I mentioned the back neck increases whose purpose I was sure would be made clear to me eventually.

Well, Ms Susie M suggests that we think of them as the  back-neck darts found in a tailored garment.  That was  a light bulb AH HA! moment when I read that.  Of course, that is exactly what they are.  Tighter at the top, more fabric at the bottom of the dart.  Some fiddling is needed here to keep them in a straight line, but at least their purpose is now clear to me.  In the case of Contiguous, those darts apparently keep the back neck from riding up.  Again, with no adult version  verification, the test of that info will come with my next contiguous sweater. 

It's cute.  I've learned something new.  I like what I learned - and that is definitely contagious.  There will for sure be more Contiguous sweaters in my knitting queue.


Needles said...

Its fascinating watching this. I love my top down simultaneous set in sleeve, but it is fiddly in in the set up in comparison to this. I'm going to try this next time I am winging it.

Joansie said...

I'm watching your development with interest. I'm knitting a top down sweater also and will have to pick up stitches later for the "double breasted front".

I hate picking up stitches and thinking about doing a "provisional cast on" for at least that starter row. I'll let you know how it works out.

Anna said...

I like it! It's very nice method.