Friday, June 3, 2011

No Cocky Counter

On yesterday's blog post,  I mentioned ripping back the Baby Surprise Jacket because I had the wrong number of stitches.  This mis-counting seems to be happening too often here at Harris House.

With the BSJ, once I arrived at 158 stitches in total, I was supposed to - according to Elizabeth's instructions - carry on working  the centre 90 stitches   No problem - except I had only 85 in the centre with 34 on each end.  34 plus 90 plus 34 makes 158.  But 34 plus 85 plus 34 doesn't.  Obviously I had forgotten to make a few increases.  Rip.

A row or two might do it.  I hoped.  Several rows back, I realized I could go on ripping until the beginning and never discover where I had gone wrong.  Best just to 'fudge' it.  Fudging now in  process.

Today, I opened ravelry for my next 'Contiguous' Assignment.  Checking the homework page  first,  I noticed the stitch count given after completing Row 12. 
               Row 12 Purl row.
increase before one marker and after the next, x 2 = 4 increases = 68 sts

68 stitches.  Hmmm.  I've completed Row 12.  Maybe I should just count - to make sure.
73 on my needles.  Dang!  Guess I'll be ripping a few of those rows too. 

Really, I think - in fact I know -  I can count.  What  I can't do is count and be cocky a the same time.  That must take a really good knitter.


Sandra said...

If you ever find that really good knitter, I'd like to meet her. I can count my knitting either.

Needles said...

I think its an either or thing. Cocky knitter or counter knitter. Like matter and anti-matter, they cannot exist in the same space and time.

Knitting humbles me on every corner I turn.

Julia said...

I seem to remember having a hard time with numbers when I knit a BSJ too. It's always such a surprise when you knit merrily away and later come to realize you have a completely wonky stitch count. Fudge it all you want - no one will know!

Joansie said...

Do you have the spreadsheet that tells you ridge by ridge how many stitches you should have at each end and also in the middle? If you need it, let me know.

Intaught this class this year , and though I love the BSJ, and I've knitted five of them, I am never teaching this class again. If the count is not right, and the pattern can be somewhat forgiving if errors caught early enough, my students hated all the counting.

Ironically, those who finished it, love it and are knitting another.