Friday, January 28, 2011

Side Tracked

Working two projects at once means I should discipline myself to not get side-tracked. But self-discipline, for me, anyway, is such an elusive feature. Side-tracked is exactly what happened to me when I spotted this issue of Knitscene the other day. I could not, not bring it home.

Knitscene has come a long way, since it's inception. Better patterns, better layout, designs more appropriate for my age group. It's one of the few magazines I regularly buy.

This issue caught my attention because of the design-your-own feature about sizing -to-fit for raglan sleeves.
It has some great tips for knitting sleeves to fit broad-shouldered women or large upper-armed women or women that are both and women that are neither. Design tips like these help me to take my sweaters from the vision stage to the great-fitting, sweater stage.

There are some lovely pattern too. Like this one, on the cover.
This one,

and this one, to mention a few.

If I promise to only read at the close of the day, when the hands and eyes are too tired to knit, I won't be too terribly side tracked. My story and I'm sticking to it. - Why not? Sooner or later, those stories of mine will have to work. I'm convinced.


Sandra said...

You are the second person that has raved about this magazine to me, and that's enough. I trust both of you so now I have to buy it. Right now, it seems...

freshisle said...

I just bought it on Friday night! Especially love that last yellow top, too.

Laurie said...

This is the first Knitscene I have NOT bought in a while. The sleeve article was intriguing, but I didn't get real excited about any of the projects. Wah! ;-)

Christy J said...

I like this magazine more and more lately too. I requested that my LYS carry it, so I'd better get in soon and pick up this new issue.