Friday, January 21, 2011

Fickle Woman

Was it just earlier this week that I posted the list of yarns and patterns patiently waiting their turn in my queue?  Indeed it was Tuesday.

Today is Friday.  A mere three days later and I have abandoned all intentions of starting one of the projects mentioned on Tuesday because I have fallen in love with a vision.  Like many fickle people I deny responsibility. The knitters at the store made me do it. 

You see, at Grey Heron, where I work one day a week, I am leading a 'learn to knit your first sweater' knit-a-long. Anal person that I am, I always feel, when leading knittters, that I shouldn't ask them to do what I don't do. If they are knitting a sweater, I'm knitting a sweater. 

Why I didn't   put the brakes on  my imagination sooner, I don't know.  Why I passed over my queue without so much as a glance, I don't know.  But a particular  vision kept popping into my brain.  A pullover.   A funky, fun,  'throw on and go out' kind of sweater.  Brightly coloured to banish winter blahs.  Three quarter sleeves so there's nothing to drag in my beer. (I'm going out in this sweater remember?)  A big cable, off-set from centre.  A lower than normal neck with perhaps a big cowl-like collar.  Yea, sounds good. 

Step one was the yarn.  I really like Cabin Fever's Cotton tweed.  I used it for my
Sit Com Chic Cardi.  It knits nicely, wears nicely,washes nicely and won't be too hot in the pub house.     A feature  more important in a pullover than a cardigan. A cardi, after all, can be removed.  Even though I intend to go out in my new sweater, where I go, the sweater stays on.  I chose colour number 18.  Pumpkin Pie

The yarn has arrived and I am working with Elizabeth, as I write, to determine stitch count. Felted Bucket Hat number four is near completion and tomorrow, I cast on for my first sweater of 2011.  Not one from my queue, fickle woman that I am, but a fun, pumpkin-coloured pullover.  Can't wait.


Stephanie said...

Ha! And you had all those great choices in your queue. :) I really can't blame you though, what you've described sounds like a great way to combat the winter blues!

freshisle said...

I think there must be something in this cold air. I've changed my mind more often this week about projects, too.
I love the Pumpkin Pie colour!

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog this evening. I often change my mind on projects, too. And then I always return to socks!

Laurie said...

I treat my queue as a mere suggestion, too. I have three projects going right now which I was determined to see through before moving on to anything else...then I found this amazing green Malabrigo and knew my friend who is having chemo wanted a green hat. So...I'm sidetracked to making a Brattleboro Hat AND a 198 Yards of Heaven shawl for her. Luckily, both projects knit up quickly!