Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nice Mittens

Katie's Chimera mittens are done.
Double layers, cable fronts and texting thumb holes make them pretty special mittens.

Even when modelled by a housecoat-wearing, early-morning me, they look great with her new, but still undecorated, Felted Bucket Hat.

Both the mitten pattern by Laris Designs and the hat pattern by Chic Knits are terrific patterns. Unique designs for knitting Aunties who knit for their fashion-conscious, ever-texting, twenty-something nieces.


Anne Campbell said...

I just love how they came out! Those texting thumbs are genius, too. I've been looking at Laris' patterns for some time. Must knit one soon.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Very nice!!

Laurie said...

I never would have recognized you! ;-) Very cute mittens!

Vera said...

I love those mittens!! You did a great job. No holes for me though I am cell phone challenged ☺