Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mittens To Match

With Katie's hat done, except for the decoration, I moved on to mittens. She didn't request mittens, but when I saw 'A Tinker's Dam' version of Juila Meuller's Chimera mitts, I couldn't resist.

These double layered mittens are delightful. With Katie's hat being red and her coat black, of course I chose black and red - again in Kertzer's Rejuvenation.
The little black stitches you see at the top of the cuff are there waiting to be picked up to knit the outer black layer. Like A Tinker's Dam, Katie's mittens will have two entire layers. Black over red. And as any hip and current 20 year old would want, there will be buttonholes near the tip of the thumb for quick and easy exit for texting.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Oooo. Waiting anxiously for close=ups for thumb button.

Nicki said...

Love the mitts. The two layer will be lovely and warm.

Anne Campbell said...

Those are just delightful! I think they'll be just splendid with the great hat and the black coat.

Needles said...

Maybe what the hat needs is a little something to emulate the i cord looking edges of the mitten. A strand of icord tied into some sort of sophisticated knotty thing?