Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dorothy's Hat

I've mentioned in previous posts that Dad's friend Dorothy is a delight to shower with gifts. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds.

She loved her red hat from the moment she spied it at the bottom of the gift bag. She loved it even more and examined it even more closely, when I told her that I had made the hat.
The other felted hat, the black one that I knit for the gift exchange was won by none other than? Dorothy! She squealed with delight, throwing her feet in the air, similar to this pose with her socks. Two new hats in one day! A great day for a hat lover.

I do think though that the excitement wore her out. Peter too. Here are my two knitted gifts being worn by two very tired people.


Yarn and Ivories said...

AH! Exuberance in knitting knows no bounds! (You can quote me on that one...hee heee)

Anne Campbell said...

Those are such great photos! Dorothy looks fantastic in her red hat, and the "exhausted" photo is extremely seasonal.

Nicki said...

The hat looks great on Dorothy. Peter's sweater looks wonderful too.