Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

My Pumpkin Pie, Cotton Tweed arrived last week and it is the perfect colour for my next sweater.  Orange-ish but not too orange. Colourful but not   an 'in your face' colour.  Something to brighten a winter's day but still work the rest of the year.

By Sunday afternoon, I had cast on. My vision, as I mentioned last week, is a pullover.  One with an off-set-from-centre cable, three quarter sleeves and maybe a deep neck with a cowl-type collar.  I'll decide that finishing touch as I get closer to the top.  Right now, here's where I'm at.

I'm having fun with the cable.  It consists of 28 stitches and is knit in K1 P1 ribbing.
I wanted a 'honkin' big cable as it will be the only decorative feature of the sweater.  Boy oh boy.  Let me tell you, stretching across 14 stitches to reach the  far side of the cable takes some wrist strength.  And probably would work better in wool, which has a memory.  With my cotton, I do have a little hole.   I intend to work the cable every 20 rows.  It's big and it deserves, I think, a big space between repeats.   Between the deep spacing and gravity, here's hoping the holes will disappear. Well, at least not be noticeable. 

So far, this 'Pumpkin Pie' looks delicious.  This is my sweater to KAL with the sweater class group.  I will show it off to them tomorrow and hope that I have managed to keep up with them.

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Laurie said...

The "Pumpkin Pie" does look delicious. It's got a nice "glow" to it without screaming "ORANGE!!!" Just between us gals, I'd rather chew tinfoil than cable in cotton. LOL!