Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Refreshemnt Routine

Borrowing a phrase from Chez Lizzie, my next 'project' is my 'refreshment routine'. Some of my sweaters need to be refreshed.

This one
needs to have buttonholes tightened up. An easy fix, I will take a sewing needle and thread to sew a stitch or two at one end of each buttonhole.

Lloie's cardigan
needs a tightening of another sort. It suffers from, as I say in my sock book, 'gaposis'. Knit with Alpaca, which has less 'memory' than wool, the gaps at the end of the short rows are beginning to show more than I'd like.
A little tweaking with the same yarn should bring those stitches closer together. Another not too difficult fix.

This last fix however, will be, if not difficult, then, at least time consuming. The back neck on my Waterloo Fairisle rides too high.
Not uncomfortable when standing, it becomes quite uncomfortable when I sit. Not prepared to stand wherever I go when wearing Waterloo, I need to fix it. To do that, I will have to rip the button/hole bands on both sides, then the entire neck trim. Once the sweater is freed from it's trim, my plan is to cut - yes, cut - a deeper back neck. A bit of guesswork as to how much needs to be cut, but after experiencing the discomfort of the 'too high' neck, too low seems a better option.

Somehow, the 'refreshment routine' isn't nearly as much fun as the initial knitting routine. But without it, these sweaters might spend way too much time in the time out closet. That would never do.

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Yarn and Ivories said...

Not as much fun to do, but I'll bet it will be rewarding to "re-new" these garments.
?? Did you w&t your short rows? I'm not convinced that my method of w&t is the same as everyone else.