Friday, January 7, 2011

First Off The Needles

Often, after a marathon of knitting, I am unsure of what to knit next. No problems that way post Peter's sweater, James socks, Abi's vest, Dorothy's hat et al. I've had requests! A knitters dream.

The first request came from DIL Kim. The conversation went something like this.

K- Abi loves her rabbit fur hat.
Me- Great.
K- It's a beautiful hat.
Me- Yes.
K- The fur is s-o-o-o soft.
Me - Yes.
K- It looks wonderful on her.
Me - Yes.
K - Such a flattering hat.
Me - Yes.
K - I'm jealous.
Me -Slapping my forehead with the realization of a 'duh' moment. Would you like a hat like that?

So there you have it. My first knitting request of 2011. I guess, because I get so few, I didn't see/hear yours coming Kim. Sometimes, I'm slow!

With the grand daughters' hats, I increased a bit when starting the body of the hat to allow room for their big hair. Kim, however has a very short, spiky hair style. No need for extra room in her hat. It's finished and ready to be mailed off.

For those waiting in the request queue, there is still some rabbit fur left. The yarn however, could be a problem. The hats were knit with Mission Falls yarn, and just this week, I heard that Mission Falls will no longer be produced.

Mags Kandis sold her MF company to CY Yarns in Montreal some years ago and apparently, either their right to produce MF yarn has expired or their desire to do so has ended. The version I heard didn't make it clear the exact reason for terminating production. Sadly, no more Mission Falls. Happily, there was still some available for my 'First Off The Needles' in 2011.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Clever you are!

Stephanie said...

Ha, that's such a great way to decide what to knit next. :) I know I'm still floundering around, trying to make decisions!

freshisle said...

So nice! And so soft! I love the rabbit fur yarn.

Needles said...

Oh dear. This is one of my favourite yarns.