Friday, November 19, 2010

Wager Anyone?

Was it just Wednesday that I brashly proclaimed to finish Abi's Cardi by the weekend?

Both Wednesday and Thursday evenings, I was tired. Really tired. Knitting was slow. The weekend is almost upon me and I have this much done.
That would be exactly this much.
Sadly for my knitting production, my weekends don't always lend themselves to staying home to knit. This weekend, I would like to take in the Pottawatomi Spinners and Weavers Sale in Owen Sound. While there, I should really stay to watch the lighting of the city for Christmas. And before all that, it is tradition for Fred and I to dine at Swiss Chalet. We like the Festive Special. Hmmm. There goes Friday.

Tomorrow, there is coffee with a friend before she leaves for the winter in Florida. Then a great Snowflake Bazaar just down the street. What about my commitment to take squash for 20 and a mince pie to a Church dinner? Hmmm. There goes Saturday.

Sunday it is my turn to read in Church. Then off to the Legion to help with the monthly Euchre party. Hmmm. There goes Sunday.

Well, exactly how much more knitting is required to finish this little cardi? The pattern, from Teens & Tweens - which Abi, just turning ten, isn't yet, calls for a 19 inch cardi. It is 16 inches to my waist, so 19 inches seems a bit excessive for my ten year old. How about 16? That should work. All of which means, these last two weeks of knitting sees me half way there. The most complicated half, mind you. So can I knit the other half in the next two days? Wagers anyone?

And because Laurie M asked for it, here are some pictures of my 90 year old, Jazz-loving, pony-tailed Dad.

In his legion uniform.

Showing off the cake at his 90th birthday celebration

and lastly, beating the pants off the great grand kids at Euchre.

Happy weekend to all.


LaurieM said...

I like your dad. He has kind eyes and a beautiful smile. Thanks for the pictures and tell him I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

your Dad is so amazing , you are very lucky..Sharon

Anonymous said...

HI Brenda,

Nice pictures of Grandpa Jack and the kids.
I feel like I need to point out that you obviously have too many grandchildren! Abi will be nine...not ten!
Just thought you would like to know! ha!ha!ha! You need to keep your people straight!
Have a good day!

Take Care,
your loving daughter-in-law,


Terri said...

Your dad looks fantastic for his age!!

OzB said...

Your Dad is totally AWESOME! I can't believe he's wearing a tie-dyed shirt! He looks like he's 80, not 90. And I'm a fan too... :-)