Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

There were smiles all around at knit group today.

Marlene was smiling because she learned how to Kitchener the toes on her very first pair of socks.
And she had two finished scarves to show us. Great reasons to smile, Marlene.

Wilma had reasons to smile, today as well. Here she is modelling Gail's latest scarf.
Some adjustments required, according to Gail. Gail's scarf started with a cast on of 648 stitches! Yikes! Bring on the markers for that cast on.

In her own knitting, Wilma was smiling - did you say relief Wilma? - because she finished her grand daughter's sweater. Great little sweater - your grand daughter will love it, Wilma.

Lois, I think, just likes our company.
But she is progressing on her blue sweater. This yarn was purchased last spring, so the project isn't taking as long as some Lois has tackled.

Sharon, wearing her latest hat from Need A Hat? left early. She and hubby are off to Toronto for yarn shopping a wedding.

Ingrid has another Koigu dress almost complete.
Although Ingrid had complaints with this knit, it sure looked gorgeous to me.

On to Survivor. What are those players thinking? Naonka still there. How badly does she need to behave in order to turn on their lightbulbs?


Anonymous said...

:) that's what I keep wondering too, Brenda! I think she'd have been the 1st person I'd have voted off :)

Seems like the Meaford knit group has expanded in the last year - way to go!

Gina C.

Deb said...

What a production group you guys are. I'm envious. Is everyone deep into Christmas knitting yet?
Great hat Sharon.

Laurie said...

Love all the projects, but especially fond of Wilma's scarf.