Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About Time

Having just returned home from a meeting, I realized - it's here. The season. The sweater season that is. The auditorium was full of ladies wearing sweaters!

I saw a lovely chunky beige sweater with brown trim. A big snugly, warm, type of sweater with pockets for stuffing chilly hands. There was a lovely, designer-type, close-fitting, black sweater with sparkly trim, a bright green ribbed cardigan with set in sleeves, a great Norwegian pullover and a aqua, zip-front cardigan with raglan sleeves that was a dead ringer for Sarah.

The interesting thing about all these sweaters? All of them were commercially knit (at least, given the nature of the ladies in attendance, I would eat my hat if they were hand knit), but given the weight of yarn and the classic styles, they looked very much like hand knit sweaters. Often, as knitters (and perhaps sewers) we strive to make our home-made items look 'store bought'.

The sweaters I saw today, were all store bought. It would appear the marketing gurus for those sweater companies have decided that the hand knit look sells. That could mean for some knitters, a business is waiting. For the rest of us, it means - in case you doubted it - we are quite in Vogue. More correctly, the rest of the fashion industry has caught up to our hand knit, very Vogue ways. About time.


Stephanie said...

Hurrah! Maybe next we'll turn the heat down in too-warm apartments and focus on wearing thick cosy wool sweaters instead. Yes, I can dream!

Yarn and Ivories said...

I am asked, "Did you knit that?" and when I often have to answer no, I know I could have! And I love those sweaters... I always think someday I'm make one just like that!

Soxophone Player said...

It's annoying to pick up a Zeller's flyer and see designer knit sweaters by Alfred Sung for $19.95