Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abi's Cardigan

Abi's Dragon Fly Cardigan is moving along. The charm has arrived. Finally.

My gauge is still off, but I'm trying very hard to knit loosely and so far my bigger-than-required size seems to be compensating for my finer-than-required yarn. Fingers crossed.

Last night saw me zoom past the 'great divide'. Sleeves are now on hold and I am working only on the body. My limited supply of purple Zara - two balls only - got me this far
with just enough left to 'cap' off the little, cap sleeves. The rest of the cardi will be blue - just like the dragon fly necklace. I envision my little grand daughter being the height of Grade 4 fashion!

Ever since buying Sally Melville's book The Knitting Experience, Book 1 The Knit Stitch, when working a colour change, I copy the method of striping Sally used in the scarf on the cover. Change colours. Work two rows. Revert to the preceding colour and work two final rows, then on to the new colour. The transition from colour to colour is more interesting than just going from colour A to B. That is what I did here. Purple, then two rows of blue, then two rows of purple, then on to blue for keeps. I like it.

This shouldn't take too many more knit hours. I hope to have it done by the weekend. Should the charm stay with me.


Yarn and Ivories said...

I like the transition of color. I better go to bed or I'll start yet a new! Great design! Watch out 4th graders!!

Sandra said...

Funny - that's my favorite way to transition colours as well!