Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Fun With Fur

Both rabbit-trimmed hats are finished, ready for the Christmas box. One just slightly larger than the other.
Next up on the Christmas knitting programme are socks. Ten year old grandson James requested !! socks - green socks to be exact. I spent much time this fall searching for green sock yarn. It had to be plain green, not striped or patterned. Ten year old boys can be quite specific with their requests.

Eventually, I found Waikiki sock yarn by Naturally of New Zealand. Plain green.
Your basic sock yarn except --there's fur in it! Yep, fur. 10% Possum. Machine washable fur, no less. In this particular yarn there is also some Alpaca so the socks should be very warm.

I think I might wait a couple of weeks and start these socks with the Need A Sock? KAL we are hosting at the store and on ravelry. That will give me time to start what will likely be my last Elizabeth Zimmermann project of my year with EZ. As yet, I'm not sure what it will be, but it will involve no fur.


LaurieM said...

Neato sock yarn! Where'd you buy it from?

I knit a possum fur blend yarn into a hat for my dad once. Very soft and warm. It bloomed.

You'll have to get your grandson to give you a report on how well they wear. I've had poor luck with alpaca sock yarn, but this stuff sounds unique.

Laurie said...

Cannot knit with possum...eek. How nice that your grandson appreciates a fine pair of handknit socks!