Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Socks And Mittens

I'm close. But the box won't go out today either. I stopped last night just as the needles approached the toe area.
Today, toe decreases, grafting and then James socks go into the box.

Knitting to a deadline isn't the most fun I've ever had with my needles (you'd wonder why I do it so often) so to alleviate the boredom factor, I started a pair of mittens for Fred.
Directly opposite the socks on the yarn scale, these are knit with local, Grey County yarn, unsophisticatedly spun and still containing much barn matter. Perfect for fishing mittens. Fred asked!!! for a pair of mittens to keep his hands warm while he fishes in sub-zero weather. Since his hands are so cold as he practices his 'haven't brought home a fish this year' kind of fishing, you'd wonder why he does it so often. Guess we both have our passions.

These mittens, I will make with both the thumb and index finger separate from the rest of the fingers. In less 'aware' times, they were called smokers mitts. Now that we are so enlightened about life's bad habits, I call them fishing mitts. With them, Fred can engage in another of life's dangerous habits -standing on the icy rocks along the side of the frigid river, throwing his weight behind a line toss into the rushing waters. I'm an knitting enabler!


Christy J said...

I've seen those mitts called shooter's mittens. Hunters can fire their rifle when the index finger is separate too.
Re your comment to me: Our book club this month went with a theme rather than a specific book. We were looking for new mystery authors. I read The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall, a detective story set in modern India. The setting made it very interesting and the characters were likable. It's similar in tone to the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, not a gruesome read at all. I recommend it.

Yarn and Ivories said...

I'm waiting for the pianist's mittens... Not fingerless, because I'll need it for a freezing evening (a short hour) on Friday.

Zieknits said...

Yummy socks! I'm knitting socks and mittens at the mo, too!

Don't want to start a Canada Post uproar, but are you saying for guaranteed Christmas Delivery just to the far side of the (okay, huge) province, the box must 'go' by December 1? Or are you shipping for an earlier holiday deadline?

Ex-pat, possible-future-returnees need this sort of info! :)

Sandra said...

As the wife of a hard-core fly fisherman - I can totally understand this. He fishes, I knit, we both golf - it works for us