Monday, November 22, 2010

Close, But ---

Close! But, as the saying goes, no cigar!
Aib's cardi is now at 13 inches.
Mom and Dad confirmed, during Sunday's weekly phone call, that 16 inches is indeed the target. Three more inches.

That might have been accomplished over the weekend, except that I ran out of readily available yarn. You see, the blue yarn is left over from a previous project. I thought perhaps there was enough still in the ball to complete this little cardi, but at 13 inches, I ran out.

Not the brutal, needle-gnashing kind of 'run out'. Just the not so easily-accessible kind of 'run out'. The extra yarn I needed was still in a summer top I knit a couple of years back and never wore. Access available through ripping!

Let me tell you, I am a very good finisher. Nothing I make will ever fall apart. It can barely be taken apart. Perseverance pays off though, and by a late, bed-time last night, I had managed to rip back the never-worn top and now have enough yarn to finish. Today, back to knitting.

I have learned that each four row repeat adds one half inch to the cardi. Three more inches equals six more repeats. Somehow working that out makes it seem much more achievable. Will cigars be in order by tonight? Maybe! This type of pressure can sometimes make my needles fly.


Joansie said...

It's those last few inches that will keep you up burning the midnight oil. Have fun!

LaurieM said...

I forget, why the big rush again?

I would have gone and bought more pink yarn instead of ripping... I'd hate to rip back my work.

OzB said...

Not that this has ANYTHING to do with your lovely cardi, BUT, I just heard through the grapevine about your recent teaming up with Deb and Lynda Gemmell of Cabin Fever Books!! and the release of your new "Need A Sock?" book!!


Whoot, whoot!