Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today, we were treated to creativity plus at knit group. Sandy's sister Sue - I call her bag lady Sue -
is in town to hitch a ride to the K.W. Knitters Fair on Saturday. Of course she brought with her some of her fabulous hand knit, felted bags.

Gob smacked I was. Who has the brain to think these things up and then the hands to create them? Obviously not me.

Not to be outdone in the creativity department was Ingrid. This beautiful piece was knit by Ingrid's daughter.

Boy, my DNA sure got short changed. I missed out totally on a creativity gene such as these and also the knitting-daughter thing. How unfair is that?

We now return to normal knitting. Bonnie - remember until this time last year, Bonnie the life-long knitter, had never knit anything for herself - finished her brown denim sweater. Another nice fit, Bonnie.
And Sandy, sister of bag-lady Sue, finished another baby outfit.
It's very nice Sandy. Don't compare yourself to your sister. Really, please don't. Your baby outfit is very nice.


Joansie said...

Love the baby sweater set....lucky baby!

Laurie said...

The purses are amazing! I sing with a woman who crochets beautiful purses out of fabric and novelty yarns. I gave her six grocery bags of old novelty yarns I know I'll never use, and I cannot believe what she's made with them. You'd never know they were Fun Fur. Oh, and she sews in beautiful silk linings that match the bags...AND the hems have little beaded dangles on them. It boggles the mind...Fun Fur... LOL!

Yarn and Ivories said...

WOW... one beautiful project after another... you are so lucky to rub elbows with these gals! I'm going to have to link this blog to show it off...

Needles said...

Wow. Just wow. Amazing women. You fit right in there among them.

And before I forget again, thank you for the link to my blog yesterday.

Valérie said...

WOW, what an insanely talented group of knitters you are!!