Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Knitters are returning from summer vacation. Gloria is home from her trip to England and busy knitting a baby blanket.
Knitting it dishcloth style, she says it is her mindless knitting. Something she brings to knit group so she can better concentrate on the important part of knit group talk.

Wilma, too is back and knitting a top down sweater in green Super 10 Cotton.
Not that I'm jealous, but might I mention that this was Wilma's second!! time away this summer? Remember her 6 week trip out west?

Pat was back with another toy.
Well wishes are in order for Pat who goes in for surgery Tuesday morning - a mastectomy. She said they will have never met a patient like her - and I can well believe that to be true. Keep on keeping on, Pat.

Sharon had the unbelievable transformation that felting produces to show off today. Remember the mittens from last week?

Here is what they look like this week.

Both mittens were knit to the same pattern, with the same number of stitches, the same needles and felted for the same time. The difference in sizing is due entirely to the different yarns.

The pinkish/lilac mitten was knit from Twilleys of Stamford the blue variegated with Patons Classic Merino

Now, she is ready to sew in a non-felted cuff. Wonderful mitts, Sharon.

Me, I worked on Dorothy's socks. Another inch of foot to knit then the toe. Totally do-able by Saturday. Totally.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Oh! I enjoyed meeting your knitters. And the felted mitts with the sewn in cuffs are great. (I'm into cuffs lately.)

Sandra said...

I've made those mitts - very comfy with the knitted cuff.
Best wishes to Pat - my MIL had a mastectomy last yer at age 80, and came through with flying colours. Start knitting tit bits (see Knitty) - they're my MI:'s favourite prosthetic!

Joansie said...

Like the mittens.

Laurie said...

More beautiful projects! I'm with Gloria - always bring a mindless project to knitting group. And I hope Pat's surgery was successful. I'm just now catching up...