Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stamina Required.

Yesterday, when I posted about the Harris household marathons, you should know that those pictures were taken on Sunday.

Today is Tuesday.

Marathons require stamina. Not Fred's. He's fine. Mine. Two days working in a kitchen full of tools is not easy. "No use putting them away when they'll be needed again tomorrow."

But there is nothing like a salmon run in the Beaver River to spur one across the finish line.

See those green lights? It's working. The bottom has been left off - the better to see any leaks. And I have been shown where the main valve is so I can turn off the water in case of leaks. (Duh! ) And Fred? he's gone fishing!

Which leaves me free to complete my scarf marathon.

Scarf number three knit during the 50th Anniversary Sweater time out. But this marathon is finished. Back to the cardi now.

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Needles said...

Fishing is a marvelous motivator. :)