Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

Today we had a visitor at knit group. Zieknits - that's her ravelry moniker - Elizabeth is her real name, was in town. Like last year, she couldn't make a trip to our area without stopping in for knit group.

A treat for us, she brought some show and tell.

This beautiful shawl was knit with locally produced wool that none of us knew existed. It takes a tourist to introduce you to your own stuff. Look at the beading here.
Glorious, Elizabeth.

Then there was this piece of pretty lace.
Another glorious shawl. This one with a rounded bottom and a great shoulder-hugging shape.

And lastly, these wonderful mittens. Such detail.
Interestingly enough, you have a right and left mitten there, Elizabeth. In Canada, sometimes we do it differently.

Or at least Joanne does.
Two lefts. Just when she thought she was finished with this project!

Sandy B, back from a Maine vacation with 'the girls' and sporting a new hairstyle is still working on her mitred square blanket. I see a few baby hats there Sandy. Much better travel knitting than the squares.

A fun time and all of us out for tea afterwards.

My Survivor Review. Jimmy Johnson gone! I would have kept him. He seemed a great motivator and manager of people. Fred said people get tired of being motivated and managed. As soon as he said it, Fred looked at me and emphatically declared - "I'm talking about Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson.
Hmmm. Me thinks he doth protest too much.


Needles said...

Oh my, you miss reading a blog for a day..what a wealth of beauty. Those shawls, the mitts, the wrist warmers. (She is partially done 2 pair. It is all in how you look at it.)

And your sweater is breathtaking, really really gorgeous. BUt i have to ask, on the scarf...what is the bobbly fuzzy yarn at the ends? And is there a pattern, or may I just copy it?

Sandra said...

I could not believe they got rid of Jimmy J. I'll bet the young guys on the other tribe are annoyed - I would have kept him - Marty and Jimmy T are going to have problems now that they have declared themselves leaders...